Cyclo Truck Le Shop

I'm Alexandre, and I've been a bike enthusiast since I was a kid. I've got the CQP Cycle Technician qualification, which means I can offer you my services to maintain and repair your bikes.

Since June 2023, you can also find me at my premises at 63 rue principale in Bischoffsheim, to repair and maintain your two wheels. Maybe you'll find your future two-wheeled companion!

Cyclo-truck Le SHOP has a wide range of accessories and bikes to suit all tastes.

As for my mobile workshop, it's fully equipped and has a stock of spare parts, so I can carry out as many repairs as possible in the place of your choice: your home, your workplace or Grandma's house.

Throughout your various adventures, I'm always there to support you and solve your various problems, just like your faithful squire.

  • Pets allowed : yes
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