• 2h
  • km
  • Easy

The municipality of Winkel and the Sundgau Tourist Information Office welcome you to the location called "La Charrière" where you can enjoy two signposted snowshoe circuits: 

- a 3 km PINK circuit, ideal for families. This short trail takes from 60 to 90 minutes and is easy going. It follows part of the Moroccans Trail that was established in memory of a Moroccan rifle regiment stationed at Winkel during the Second World War. 

- a 6 km ORANGE circuit which takes from two and a half to three hours. This beautiful trail takes you to the Beech Alley, Neuneich Pass and ends up on Glaserberg summit. Magnificent panoramic views of the Alsatian and Swiss Jura embellish this trail from beginning to end. 

Walking times are provided as a rough guide. They may vary depending on your walking pace. Please take this into account.

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