CR Vianney MULLER Chateau de Ferrette
Ferrette castle. Photo: Vianney MULLER
Château de Ferrette, CR Vianney MULLER

Ferrette Castle

Le château de Ferrette est l’un des plus anciens d’Alsace. Sa première mention remonte à 1105. Il fut une des principales possessions des comtes de Ferrette, dynastie qui s’est constituée par partage de l’héritage des comtes de Montbéliard. Visite libre toute l'année.

Ferrette Castle is one of the oldest in Alsace, first mentioned in 1100. It was one of the prize possessions of the Counts of Ferrette, whose dynasty was formed by the sharing out of the heritage of the Lorraine Counts of Bar and Mousson. Seven Counts of Ferrette succeeded each other. After the death of the last count, the county passed to the House of Austria through the marriage of Jeanne de Ferrette to Duke Albert II of Habsburg in 1324. The castle then became the residence of an Austrian bailiff.
The castle is made up of two parts:
- the upper castle - the oldest one - comprises a residential tower with several levels, carved into the limestone. This is one of the first of its kind in Alsace.
- the lower castle features several half towers equipped with canons.

  • Pets allowed : yes
Additional information
  • Altitude : 510m

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