Walking tour: the Waldkapelle

  • 2h
  • 6km
  • 310m
  • Easy

" Little Family walk where kids love to ring the 3 chapel of the woods bells. "

A walk departing from Vieux-Thann in the direction of a pretty chapel nestled in the middle of the forest. The kids will love to ring the three bells of the "Waldkapelle" chapel of the woods in the dialect of Alsace. A little trail to take a walk and go under the vineyard of Vieux-Thann, the only one with terraced vineyards in the area.

Detailed hiking cards and information about accommodations and catering at the tourist offices of Thann and Cernay.

Hiking shoes recommended.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : dirt path, path
  • IGN Map : 1/25000 3620 ET

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