Schlitte and Woodworking Museum

" This craft museum located in Muhlbach-sur-Munster is a real jewel! Come and find out more about the schlitte, the large sledge used at the time to transport wood through the Vosges forests! "

The Munster valley honors the old schlitteers and their hard work transporting logs and firewood. Schlittage, a practice that was still common in the Vosges in the last century but has now disappeared, is being revived thanks to the work of the volunteers at the Musée de la Schlitte. Created in 1973 and renovated in 1997, this museum naturally also exhibits everything to do with wood species, lumbering and woodworking, a heritage of craftsmanship handed down through the generations.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 476m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 0,05km
  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit, Guided tour for individuals, Guided tour for groups
  • Languages spoken : French, German, English
  • Group headcount :
    • Maxi : 20
  • Equipement et services vélos : Bicycle parking or racks

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