N°06 Les Suscités

  • 2h15
  • 7,2km
  • 265m
  • Intermediate

Starting in the town center, this hike takes you through the Fertrupt annex, a former mining village created in the 16th century. Farms and mining relics dot the route. Once you've reached the Suscité ridge, take a short break to soak up the rolling panorama.
Half of this walk takes place in an urban environment. You'll appreciate the architecture of old houses, mostly dating from the 19th or early 20th centuries.
At n°5 rue des Cerisiers, a mansion dating from 1910. A little further on, at n°7, you'll find the former neo-regional style house built around 1900 by Gustave Oberthür, architect of the Théâtre municipal.
You can consult the detailed walking tour in the Documentations tab below.

Additional information
  • IGN Map : 3718 OT, Sélestat Col du Bonhomme Sainte-Marie-aux-Mine

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