N°02 The Tree of Freedom

  • 2h30 min
  • 8,7km
  • 409m
  • Intermediate

" This is a beautiful hike which takes place mainly on the crests of the Hautes Vosges or in the immediate vicinity. In spite of the forest cover, the itinerary offers some beautiful viewpoints "

This is a beautiful hike that takes place mainly on or near the crests of the Hautes Vosges. Despite the dense forest cover, the route offers some fine views of the Alsatian and Vosges slopes, including the St-Dié basin. You'll also come across a number of remarkable rocks, which you'll need to be careful around.
The first Tree of Liberty was planted in 1918 by the Americans to symbolize the liberation of Alsace. During the Second World War, it was used by smugglers as a landmark for prisoners escaping from occupied Alsace to free France.
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Additional information
  • IGN Map : 3718 OT, Sélestat Col du Bonhomme Sainte-Marie-aux-Mine

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