Lingolsheim swimming pool

With its distinctive flying saucer shape, the indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof in Lingolsheim is a delight for young and old alike, in every season! This original pool model dates back to the ‘80s, and was part of a programme run by the French Youth, Sports and Recreation Ministry, called “1,000 Pools”. Four types of swimming pools were built at the time. The Tournesol pool was the most distinctive one, with its flying saucer shape. The pool is named Tournesol, or Sunflower, after the flower that opens up as soon as the weather gets warm. The polyester tile dome, designed by engineer Thémis Constantinidis, consists of 36 metal arches, of which 12 are retractable, so that, in summertime, the pool can be opened at an angle of 120°. Every other arch has 7 round windows, further contributing to the structure’s futuristic appearance. The roof is at a height of 6 metres above the ground. The pool was renovated in 2014 by the architects of the Urbane Kultur firm. Please note: The complex includes a main swimming pool, a paddling pool, outdoor spaces with a solarium and a water play area. There are also vending machines featuring hot and cold beverages, snacks and swimming gear. Go here for opening hours and admission fees.

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