Chocolaterie Jacques Bockel

A high-quality, manageably-sized craft firm with a team of passionate, creative professionals, a huge potential and modern facilities: a concise and apt description of Chocolaterie Jacques Bockel. Our passion for chocolate has fostered another obsession, for pure-origin chocolate. This is why Jacques Bockel offers more than twenty different origins of chocolate, making us the chocolate maker with the widest range. We are present throughout France, as well as in Belgium, England and Germany, as we participate in some fifty trade fairs (chocolates, gastronomical and local specialities) every year. The strength and uniqueness of our production: a rigorous selection of raw materials, originality, creativity, and most of all, reasonable prices, because we avoid all forms of snobbery. We like to be close to our customers, many of whom have become our friends. Jacques Bockel, dedicated to your delight.

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