Hiking tour - the stork

  • 2h
  • 8,7km
  • 48m
  • Easy

Muttersholtz is located in a flood zone subject to the flooding of the Ill. To protect itself, a dyke runs along the village from north to south. It establishes a boundary between the flooded meadows containing a variety of fauna and flora, and the village surrounded by a belt of orchards and fields.

The 9 km long Stork Trail runs along the floodplains on the south side, passing over the dike, before crossing the orchard belt and reaching the memorial to the bomber that crashed in a swamp during the Second World War. After crossing a first forest, it runs along the village, then back through fields and forests to reach the north dike again.
Club vosgien signposting.

Accessible by all-terrain pushchair

  • Pets allowed : yes
Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : dirt path
  • IGN Map : 3817 SB, Sélestat

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