In the footsteps of the lion and the giant Sletto

  • 2h
  • 2,8km
  • Easy

" Giant footsteps ? Lion paws ? Nothing to worry about, this is just a fun way to discover the historic city of Sélestat. Ask for the free guide at the tourist office ! "

24 steps to discover the remarkable sites of the city.

An encounter between legend and history. Giant steps? Lion's paws? Does this have any connection with the history of the city? You don't think so.
The giant's footsteps are those of the giant Sletto whose legend says that he founded the town of Selestat and gave it his name. As for his four-legged companion, it is of course a nod to the lion that adorns the town's coat of arms.

Let yourself be guided by the footprints of the lion and the giant on the ground. The tour begins at the Commanderie Saint-Jean and ends at the Humanist Library.

A free brochure is available at the Tourist Office.

Accessible by pushchair and all-terrain pushchair

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : paved road

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