Mont Saint-Michel

" Discover the Mont Saint-Michel, 437 meters high ! Visit the Chapel and take a walk around the witches circle and the fairy cave. Enjoy the beautiful view ! "

The Alsatian Mont Saint-Michel is located on the heights of Saint-Jean Saverne, a village located 4 km from Saverne.

The site is composed of three particularly attractive points: the Chapel of Saint-Michel, the Witches' Round (Hexenkreis), the Cave of the Fairies or Witches (Hexenhöle), concentrated in an area of a few hundred meters. Discover its history: !

Located at 437 meters above sea level, it offers a beautiful panorama on the surrounding villages.

Go to the parking lot of the Langenthal Cross to discover this site with the Mont Saint-Michel tour: tour du Mont Saint-Michel !

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