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House of the Castles of the Northern Vosges

" The Maison des châteaux forts presents photographs that allow you to discover and understand the architectural and geological particularities of the fortified castles of the Northern Vosges, as well as maps and a collection of remains: carved rocks, stove tiles, pottery... "

Their names conjure up stones, mountains, rocks, families. They all established their power on impressive rock bases, they all enhanced their architecture with sandstone. Sentinels on the lookout, they watched over plains and passages and protected possessions and subjects. Hosts whenever necessary, they took in tired and hungry travelers. Yes, you guessed right, they are the stone castles built in the Northern Vosges in the 12th century and later. Tried by fighting, worn out by wind, rain and cold, the ruins, some thirty of them, still reign on the mountain-tops. Arrogant or nostalgic, they delight hikers attracted by towers and curtains, offensive or defensive actions, legends and romantism. They have their Residence In Obersteinbach.

  • Pets allowed : yes
Additional information
  • Altitude : 256m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 15km
  • Prices :
    • Adult rate : 2€
  • Price advantages :
    • Group (minimum number of people) : 10
  • Prices :
      Entrée payante lorsque la visite de fait sur rendez-vous (adulte 2 €, enfant 1 €)
  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit, Guided tour for groups with reservation
  • Services offered : Workshops/classes
  • Languages spoken : French, German, Alsacien, English
  • Practical services : Group reception
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