PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo
PNRVN - A.Serylo

Between vines and mountains

  • 4h30
  • 15km
  • 389m
  • Experienced

A stroll in the vineyard of Cleebourg which offers beautiful points of view!

From the car park, head for the Stichaner monument.
Follow on the left the red rectangle towards the Col du Pigeonnier, along the river for 300 m then turn left the street of the water tower. Take a left again on a path then catch Turkheim street, then rue de la Décapole before entering the road on the right.
After having joined the RD3 road, take the path along the path on the right, to reach M.F. Scherhol (altitude 313 m). You are on the Hochwald massif, between the Massif des Vosges and the Alsatian piedmont.
Climb the path Edouard Dietenbeck and continue climbing towards the pass, always following the red rectangle.At the junction with the yellow rectangle, follow it to the left (parallel to the red ring) to reach the Pigeonnier pass and the Club Vosgien refuge (open the WE).Cross the RD3 carefully and, at the height of the gantry of information, enter the logging road marked green disk.
Take the trail on the left down to the place called Houx Géant, remarkable tree reaching an exceptional size. Arrival on the RD77, cross it to visit the wine cellar of Cleebourg, before continuing on your left. Then always follow the green drive through the village of Steinseltz and you will return to Wissembourg by the cemetery.

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