Le sentier des Hauts-Lieux d'Alsace

  • All day
  • 43,422km
  • 317m
  • Expert

The last stage of this trail crosses the villages of Molsheim-Mutzig Region from Gresswiller to Ernolsheim-Bruche and reaches Strasbourg via the cycle path along the Bruche Canal.

The complete hiking route is a 7 days steps through the most famous high-energy places of Alsace. Whether they are ancient Celtic places or current pilgrim paces, the views are wonderful, so as the sites to visit.
The initial starting point is in Ribeauvillé to connect Strasbourg through vineyards and Vosges mountains

Here the entire way www.lesentierdeshautslieux.org

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : path, piste / bande cyclable
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