Bacchus hiking trail - Trötele

  • Half-day
  • 13,4km
  • 292m
  • Easy

" This walk through the vineyards of Strasbourg is part of a series of 4 routes called Circuits de Bacchus. Further information: "

This trail is dotted with explanatory panels and it crosses the fantastic landscapes from the Region Molsheim-Mutzig which spread invitingly before the visitor.Meadows, vineyards, hillsides, hills and forests succeed one another.
The region has also preserved of its past numerous heritage that constitute the strength and the wealth of its territory: Charterhouse from Molsheim, Dompeter from Avolsheim, Fort from Mutzig, Abbey from Altorf...
Trötele: Alsatian Name describing a small winepress that squeezes out the juice of the grape during the pressing

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : path
  • IGN Map : 3716 ET, Molsheim - Mont Sainte Odile
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