Pêche en rivière dans la vallée de la Bruche
Pêche à la ligne

Pêche en rivière

"The Bruche is a category 1 river in the private sector. River fishing season begins on the second Saturday in March and ends on the third Sunday in September. Bourg Bruche to Schirmeck From the ""Vieux Moulin"" in Bourg Bruche upstream to the water treatment plant in Schirmeck downstream, approx. 25km. 2 sections are for fly fishing on a ""no kill"" basis (fish returned to water alive), the first in Schirmeck, the second in Fouday (""no kill"" section opens on May 1st) Managed by the High Bruche Valley Breux Lake AAPPMA - 67420 SAULXURES. Information: +33 (0)3 88 47 25 74 http://aappmahautebruche.pagesperso-orange.fr High Bruche Valley AAPPMA fishing permits available from: Bruche Valley Tourist Information 114, Grand’ Rue à Schirmeck - Tel: +33 (0)3 88 47 18 51 You can fish on this part of the Bruche with an annual URNE card, regulations and catch books can be collected from Tourist Information. Schirmeck to Muhlbach From Steinbach stream upstream to the closed bridge in Muhlbach downstream. Managed by Wisches-Hersbach AAPPMA Information and fishing permits: +33 (0)3 88 97 84 49 http://www.wisches-hersbach.fr/aappma.html Muhlbach to Urmatt Fishing lots are kept in the Bruche, Muhlback and streams in Soultzbach and Eimerbach: Management by Urmatt AAPPMA Information and fishing permits: +33 (0)3 88 47 38 67 www.urmatt.fr/aappma.html Useful information Which fish? Wild trout. How to fish? Any permit-holding fishermen with fish tax (AAPPMA member) can buy a day pass or holiday pass. Warning A fishing permit does not give automatic access to all waterways. For further information, please ask when purchasing your pass. Full information about stock location and specific regulations is available from AAPPMA managers. Please respect the environment and sites, pick up your litter and avoid any form of pollution or disturbance to the flora, fauna and other fishermen."

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