The Little Red Door

Trailer : The Little Red Door is a one-of-a-kind escape room venue in Strasbourg, situated a minute’s walk away from Place d'Austerlitz. Come in and get settled in the retro reception area, inspired by the world of cinema. Next, you’ll be taken to the briefing room, before setting off to hunt for a ghost, rob a bank, or get plutonium from a bunker or a crystal-encrusted skull from a Mayan temple, depending on which scenario you've chosen. The Last Bank Robbery (4 to 8 players) Trailer : You’ll infiltrate the Royal Bank so you can rob it. First, you’ll play in two groups, one in the sewers and the other in the video-surveillance room. Get as many gold bars as you can before the police arrive! Ghost Hunters (3 to 7 players) Trailer : Many years ago, a dreadful event occurred at the Van Embergs’ Manor. The house has been haunted by a ghost ever since... So the new owners have decided to hire your team of ghost hunters. You have one hour to catch the ghost that is haunting the place. Bunker B-57: plutonium expedition! (2 to 5 players) Trailer : The year is 2052 and since the nuclear war of 1960 humanity has lived in underground shelters powered by plutonium. New Atlanta is running out of the precious plutonium and the situation is critical. Your team attempts an expedition to an abandoned bunker to obtain some, to save the city! The MAYA Prophecy Number of players: 3 to 7 Length: 1 hour Scenario: Legend has it that, every 50 years, the stars align and the Mayan temple of Teotikal is accessible for one hour. Professor Mointilac sends your team of adventurers to find one of the legendary crystal-encrusted skulls, and get out before the temple collapses! Pirates of the 7 Seas (3 to 6 players) Trailer: The infamous Barbarossa has imprisoned your crew on his ship. Quick, he’s away! Now’s your chance to get out of jail and make off with the legendary golden chalice! Get ready for an adventure full of twists and turns!

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