Circuit rando CDF06 : Le tour du Champ du feu

  • Half-day
  • 12km
  • 350m
  • Intermediate

Champ du Feu is the highest point of the Bas-Rhin at 1099m. Its altitude grassland and domed peatlands create a natural space that is fragile and exceptional in equal measure. The Vosgien Club built the belvedere tower at the top in 1898. It is the symbol of Champ du Feu. There are lots of hypotheses surrounding the name Champ du Feu (field of fire). It may come from the word "Vehfeld" (livestock field), a deformation of the name Champ des fées (field of fairies) or Champ du faîte (field of the summit) or it could come from collier fire...

Additional information
  • IGN Map : N° de la carte : 1/25 000 Champ du Feu et Bruche 25
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