Massif du Hohneck - automne©Benoit Facchi

Nature and wellbeing

Fancy some fresh air and relaxation? With its generous, lush landscapes, Alsace promises energising outings and a complete change of scenery!

Landscapes of breathtaking beauty

Alsace is full of contrasts, offering an immense variety of stunning landscapes! Set off on an adventure through gorgeous scenery, across the region’s plains, vineyards, forests and mountains. You’ll be moved by the experience!

Massif du Hohneck©Jéremy May
©Jéremy May

The Vosges Mountains

The amazing Vosges Mountains boast a variety of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. With their soft curves, rounded summits, mysterious forests and glacial cirques, they are truly unique.

Vue sur le Niedermorschwihr - Route des Vins d'Alsace©Tristan Vuano
©Tristan Vuano

The vineyards of Alsace

The lush vineyards of Alsace are a special place where unique wines are grown. The remarkable mosaic of soils, exceptional exposure and privileged climate produce a wide variety of expressions and intensities.

Champs Plaine d'Alsace©Tristan Vuano
©Tristan Vuano

The Plain of Alsace

The extraordinary Plain of Alsace is transformed by the seasons. The geometrical boundaries of its expansive fields are juxtaposed with the winding curves of its waterways, creating an intricate, yet subtle mosaic.


A lush landscape

©Tristan Vuano

Get refreshed in nature parks and reserves

Need a breath of fresh air? Discover the treasures of our 2 regional nature parks and 21 nature reserves. You’ll find sumptuous scenery, incredible diversity and unspoilt nature!

©Vincent Muller

Nature reigns supreme

Alsace boasts a remarkable natural heritage! There are so many ways to encounter its rich diversity, discover its fauna and flora and grasp the importance of protecting it.

Lac Blanc - Massif des Vosges©OT Vallée de Kaysersberg
©OT Vallée de Kaysersberg

The wonders of nature

Enjoy a great getaway in a generous, leafy natural environment in Alsace!  With refreshing lakes and waterfalls, stunning scenery and surprising vistas, the awesome beauty of nature will move and amaze you.

Spa - La Cheneaudière©Jérome Mondière
©Jérome Mondière

Relaxing at the spa

Find our best spots dedicated to wellbeing, for a moment of enchantment. These exceptional spas meet the highest standards of quality and excellence, so you can relax your body and mind!


Peaceful moments

Tourisme fluvial Saverne©Infra-ADT

Relaxing getaway on the water

Have you always dreamed of living on a boat as it floats gently across the water? Get a taste of life as a sailor as you enjoy the pleasures of waterborne tourism on Alsace’s 400 km of navigable waterways.

All aboard!
Roseraie de Saverne©OT Saverne

The sweetness of life in the garden

Inspiring rest and sweet daydreams, Alsace’s parks and gardens look forward to welcoming you in all their diversity! These places, imbued with a sense of serenity, are conducive to moments of pure relaxation and pleasant, peaceful strolls.


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