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Dégustons l’Alsace ! – Taste Alsace !

World-renowned cuisine and gastronomy: a product of exceptional know-how and an extraordinary terroir.

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A gourmet terroir

In Alsace, avid foodies can enjoy a unique and diverse terroir shaped by nature.

From must-try Alsace sauerkraut (PGI) to the fruits and vegetables of the region, including asparagus, strawberries, and quetsch plums, each season brings its own ephemeral delights.

Cheeses carry the aromas of Alsace's pastures, with Munster of course, but also Tomme du Ried and goat cheese, whether fresh or aged, soft or hard.

Honey comes in a wide variety of liquid or creamed forms reflecting the diversity of Alsace's flora, like characterful and minty pine honey, or comforting and sweet flower or acacia honey with hints of citrus.

Local producers are waiting to welcome you in their shops.

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Icons of gastronomy

In the kitchens, local products are respectfully and boldly put front and centre.
Sauerkraut and baeckeoffe are served on festive tables for a convivial and authentic experience.
As for tarte flambée, it's meant to be shared in good company, with everyone grabbing a slice with their fingers.

Fish lovers can fill up on fried carp or matelote fish stew served with Alsatian pasta.

As for sweet or savoury breads and pastries, nothing beats the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked kougelhopf, streusel, käsekuchen, or the famous local favourite: the pretzel! 

At Christmas time, treat yourself to foie gras, gingerbread, and bredele.

Alsatian gastronomy is a real gourmet journey and an undeniable treat for all tastes, whether you love fine gourmet cuisine or authentic Winstub fare. 

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Passionate and inspired chefs

Authentic Alsatian cuisine and its talented chefs put local products in the spotlight: carefully selected, high-quality, and seasonal. 

Art of living and conviviality are served up at all of Alsace’s eateries, whether a gourmet restaurant, a Winstub, a traditional restaurant, or on the summits of the Vosges Mountains in a farmhouse inn.

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