Maginot line - Ancienne Redoute

The shelter was built in 1931 and 1932 near what is still only a crossroads of paths at the edge of the village, about ten metres from the Muehlrhein, a waterway parallel to the Rhine. Located a little over 500 metres from the river, its mission is to cover the rear of the casemates located on the shore, preventing them from being bypassed by infiltrated patrols that would have crossed the Rhine upstream or downstream of the casemates. It takes advantage of the shooting routes offered by the Rhine Route and the Muehlrhein River. This concrete parallelepiped of about 200m³ must house a combat group of about ten men who carry out patrols or, in case of combat, station themselves outside with machine guns or mortars. The defensive armament of the shelter includes 2 machine guns supplied with a total of 10,000 shots, which equip the bell and a single caponier slot. It is not with such weapons that the shelter will be able to take place in a battle. It will therefore essentially serve as a command post and switchboard for the Drusenheim area.

Additional information
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 1km
  • Type of visits proposed : Guided tour for groups, Guided tour for groups with reservation
  • Languages spoken : French
  • Practical services : Group reception

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