Art without borders exhibition

" L'art sans frontière, les artistes du groupe 12Plus, Monika Linard, Elke Blankart-Laub, ainsi que Kirsten Wüst, Sabine Grötzbach, Beate Sehon, Monika Henkel et Diana Rastetter exposent leurs œuvres. "

Monika Linard, Elke Blankart-Laub, as well as Kirsten Wüst, Sabine Grötzbach, Beate Sehon, Monika Henkel and Diana Rastetter from the artist group 12Plus are exhibiting their works. Presence of the artists on Sundays as well as holidays from 1 to 5 p.m. The nature and colors of southern France inspire Monika Linard in her artistic creation. She immerses herself in nature with all her senses and integrates the resulting impressions into her paintings. The artist Elke Blankart-Laub in her free practice of abstract expressionism, experiments with the benefits of chance, pictorial risk and the beauty of colors with sometimes very diluted pigments in a gestural style. Sabine Grötzbach devotes the main part of her artistic creation to the theme of humanity and the "human condition". In her paintings, she resorts to a wide repertoire of different methods of representation and techniques, from realism to abstraction. Her wooden sculptures, carved with a chainsaw, are also remarkable and varied. Kirsten Wüst presents evocative landscapes in this exhibition. She describes her paintings as places of retreat, a parenthesis in uncertain times. In her recent works, she more often integrates man into the painting, never in a dominant way, always incorporated into the landscape through color, as an expression of the wish for harmony between man and nature. Beate Sehon draws and paints with brushes as well as with pencils. She thus creates paintings in black and white as well as in color. She chooses a theme or freely follows her imagination and the stroke of the brush or pencil, letting herself be guided by what develops in the process of painting on paper or canvas. The lines show her the way. Monika Henkel's concrete sculptures, which immediately catch the eye, seduce with their vivacity. They reflect the joy of life and let us guess with what desire the artist has implemented her ideas. Diana Rastetter delights our eyes with brightly colored paintings, she works mainly with oil paint. Opening with the music group "Miri in the green" Saturday, April 29 at 12:00, open to all.

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  • Languages spoken : French, German, English
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