Walking Trail : Le circuit des cigognes

  • 1h45
  • 4,5km
  • 0m
  • Suitable for everyone

Stork Tour. The start and finish are located in front of the tourist information office that houses the media library and a museum. Let's follow the yellow circle. After the town hall, let's turn right, passing a potter's workshop, and go down the steps to the left. We now amid meadows and fields. Let's continue straight on to an old water retention structure on the left. Let's carry on through the fields until we reach the Bildstoeckel. A brief pious thought before we go on our way to an apiary. Then let's head for the Camping des Peupliers, which has an excellent reputation in our region. To our right, the stork enclosure. Let's continue our walk following the yellow circle, going into the forest to the left, before the secondary road. We can already glimpse the village, which we'll reach soon. We come upon the Water Tower Roundabout (rond- point du château d’eau). Let's walk past it and the brilliant road interchange development to get back to where we started, still following the yellow circle.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : dirt path
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