Walking Trail : Le circuit du Rhin

  • 2h
  • 7,5km
  • Easy

The start and finish are in front of the tourist information office that houses the media library and a museum. We follow the blue circle, to the end of the village. Let's cross the bridge over the Sauer. At the first crossroads, we will begin the trail proper, heading in the direction of the port of Beinheim and the cable ferry. We pass the water catchment to get to the wayside shrine. Let's continue our walk following the blue circle to Kleinrhein. Let's take the path that branches off at a right angle to the left. We are going to take the dyke to get to the port of Beinheim. Let's fork off to the left to follow the track that runs alongside the Rhine. There, we will discover the activity of a navigable, and very busy, water course. In the distance, we can already see the ferry infrastructure. After the ferry, let's fork to the left to walk alongside the dyke before reaching the water treatment plant. Let's skirt around the plant, close to the fence, to enter the Sauer Delta forest. The village is already in sight. The circuit can be walked in both directions. One direction starts at the tourist information office and the other at the cable ferry.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : paved road, dirt path
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