Freudeneck Castle

Located near the village of Wangenbourg, the castle of Freudeneck is built at the end of the Schlossberg ridge at 390m above sea level and overlooks the Mossig river. Nowadays, the ruins show us what the castle of Freudeneck was once, namely a monitoring castle to alert neighboring Castle of Wangenbourg. The architectural remains are few. Today remains the round tower in the center of the fortress, made of rusticated stone, the yard, the rests of the fortifications ... The fortified gate, surely preceded by a drawbridge, disappeared. From the castle of Wangenbourg, a marked trail through the forest provides access to the ruins after a short walk. A road allows visitors who come with a car, to drive as close as possible to the site and then access via a path to the ruin by a 5 minutes walk. The access to the castle is free of charge and open all year.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 390m
  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit
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