Saison des asperges


Notice for gourmets: it's time to prepare the mayonnaise and slice the ham! The sun is out and the Alsatian asparagus is ready to be the queen of the markets. This is a season that is starting well!

Asparagus are to Alsace what mirabelle plums are to Lorraine: an undeniable regional pride! The season is short, two months at most. The presence of asparagus on the stalls and on the restaurant menu has, therefore, the flavour of long awaited moments. We enjoy them all the more as we know their furtive company. And one does not hesitate to put them on the menu very regularly, even to abuse them! And that's a good thing, because the white asparagus from Alsace is eaten without moderation. Excellent for your health, asparagus is full of nutritional benefits. It would be wrong to deprive oneself of them! It is customary to taste white asparagus with white ham and smoked ham and to season it with a vinaigrette sauce and/or mayonnaise. But of course, white asparagus can be enjoyed in a thousand and one ways.

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Saison des asperges

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