Un espace renaturé sur l'île du Rhin

Promenez-vous entre le Vieux Rhin et le Grand Canal d’Alsace et découvrez ce qui était le plus grand chantier de renaturation d’Europe.

Stroll between the Old Rhine and the Grand Canal d'Alsace and discover what was the largest renaturation site in Europe.
Today, the Rhine Island is a mosaic of terrestrial and aquatic areas, highly diversified and conducive to the development of biodiversity.
On the 100 hectares formerly dedicated to the cultivation of corn, a major ecological renaturation has been carried out involving the restoration of a branch of river over more than seven kilometres, thus giving birth to a new river in Alsace, and the reconstitution of a set of natural environments, wet and dry, which allow the maintenance or the return of certain species of amphibians, birds and mammals.

Horaires et dates d'ouvertures susceptibles d'être modifiés en fonction des circonstances. Prenez vos précautions.

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