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The origins of Quatzenheim go back to the year 742 when the Germanic tribe of the Chaten gave it the name Chattenheim. Various names are attested afterwards such as "Quazzinheim" (1224), "Quaccenheim" (1251) and "Quaczenheim" (1371) From 1127 to 1322, various lords took possession of it. One of them, Walter von Müllenheim, had a castle built here, which was burnt down and completely destroyed after the Battle of Entzheim in 1674. In the 16th century the Landsberg family (now Protestant - Dietrich von Landsperg - introduced the Reformation in 1539), then the Ratsamhausen family and finally the nobles of Oberkirch (Baden) bought the village in 1714 and were the sole owners until the revolution. In the church there are tombstones of the families of Von Landsberg, Von Bock and Oberkirch. < The Jews settled in Quatzenheim at the end of the 17th century (1677); in 1781 there were more than 70 Jews in the commune, more than a third of the population at that time, and in 1875 it was half. There are still important built heritage traces of their presence in the village near Strasbourg where they did business. As in most Protestant villages, sayings and names and/or initials of the couple who built the farmhouse engraved in stone with decorations surmount portals and gates.

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  • Altitude : 164m

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Catherine Theulin

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