The wild Thur river

" The River Thur, which flows through our valley and the major towns in our region, is a "wild" river, changing with the passing of time and the seasons, and a haven of peace for flora and fauna. "

Between Vieux-Thann and Cernay, the river Thur wanders as it pleases. It branches into several arms and meanders between pebbled islands, spreading its waters during floods. The river has naturally changed its course, but during floods the old bed becomes active again, diverting some of the Thur's water. Major improvements have been made to the river before it crosses the urban area of Cernay. A concrete slide has been incorporated, known as a fish pass. It facilitates the movement of fish, which is necessary for the proper balance of populations (spawning, foraging, etc.). You can see the complexity and diversity of the vegetation, made up of herbaceous plants, a variety of shrubs (elder, hawthorn, fusain, etc.) draped in creepers (clematis) and trees of varying heights (black alder, maple, old black poplar, etc.). This jumble of vegetation provides shelter for wildlife and numerous ecological niches. The black poplar also represents a genetic heritage that it is important to conserve. It is therefore a natural and protected area that should be respected. Further information is available on the panel.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 358m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 0,8km
  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit
  • Equipment required : Walking shoes
  • Restaurant on site : Drinks, Restaurant, Food for groups

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