Palais du conseil souverain (OT Colmar)
Manneken-Pis adossé au palais du conseil souverain (OT Colmar)

Law Court

This building, rebuilt in 1532 and constituted from a group of houses, encroached on the cemetery of the Augustinian convent nearby. In the late 16th century the building was deeply changed in the style of the Renaissance. Paintings and epigrams, which have now disappeared, decorated the exterior façades. In 1595, a statue symbolizing the justice came to decorate the new façade. After the installation of the Sovereign Council in 1698 the building has been restored several times. Its current neo-classic façade was made between 1769 and 1771.

Initially the building was used for the meetings of the patrician society Wagkeller, but since 1532 the meetings of the judge which where before at the Koïfhus, took place there. Louis XIV lived there during its visits in 1681 and 1683. The Sovereign Council of Alsace, created in 1657, moved there in 1698. Former court of appeal in the 19th century, the palace of the Sovereign Council is now occupied by the court of first instance in civil and criminals matters.

A niche was built on the façade rue des Augustins, and it contains a replica of the Manneken-Pis. The sculpture, initially installed in front of the public baths, was a gift from the city of Brussels to Colmar in 1922, in memory of the sufferings both cities had known during the German Occupation.


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