Sylvotherapy initiation trip

" Initiate yourself to sylvotherapy! What better way to sharpen your senses and enjoy the benefits of nature. "

Let's discover the energy that nature offers us, and more particularly that of the trees in springtime! Sylvotherapy is a source of well-being that, between explanations and exercises, everyone will be able to "feel" at their own level. After an introduction to sylvotherapy, participants will experience the different steps between welcoming and saying goodbye to the forest, between slow energetic walks and exercises to sharpen the different senses in order to make the most of the benefits of the outing. The immersion allows us to reconnect to nature as well as to ourselves, bringing a healthy relaxation and a new vision of our environment. Difficulty : All public

Minimum age : 7 years old.

Some advices : Sport shoes or hiking shoes

Travel to the starting point with your own vehicle.

Dogs are not allowed and baby carriers are not allowed.

This outing is effective from 6 participants. If this number is not reached we will warn you before the outing and we will refund the totality of the paid sums.

Additional information
  • Duration of the visit : 2h30 min
  • Prices : Adult: 16€ / Children: 6€.

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