Bakery Levain

" Discover the Levain bakery, at the turn of a charming alley. Gourmet delights, surprises and discoveries, let yourself be enchanted! "

Natural sourdough breads, pastries, traditional kougelhopfs, now Kaysersberg has a new shop, rue du Tir, dedicated to excellent products.

"I think that deep down I always wanted to work with bread, to have my own bakery. But, as with everything I do, I had to have excellence. Thanks to a meeting, the dream became reality and it gives me the opportunity to learn again and again about flours, kneading, ancestral methods that I combine with modern techniques. Defending and protecting know-how, ensuring 100% homemade and passing on to new generations the beauty of these gestures have largely inspired me in this project," explains Olivier Nasti.


All the breads are sold by weight, from 10€ per kilo, the pastries from 2€ each and the kougelhopf from 6€.

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