Occupied since Roman times, Ammerschwihr is mentioned in 869 under the name of "Amalrici Villare" or "village of Amalrich". Reduced to ashes in 1945, during the last struggle for the reconquest of the national soil, it has been resurrected charmingly in its rustic setting. The church, built in honour of St. Martin, is still there, as are the keeps and its ramparts. Today, this quiet and flowery town, situated between the vineyards and the forest, has won several national awards in the "Villes et Villages fleuris" competition. Ammerschwihr is famous for its great wines, especially the Grand Cru du Kaefferkopf, and for being the town in Alsace with the largest number of winegrowers in relation to the number of inhabitants. You can stroll through the old town, which is full of curiosities with its beautiful half-timbered houses and its stork park. You can admire the beautiful scenery while walking through the vineyards. For families, come and discover the wine town in a fun way by taking the road book for the fun walk: go in search of clues to solve the enigma. Fun guaranteed!

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  • Altitude : 232m

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