Chemin du bien-être à Aubure

  • Half-day
  • 17km
  • Suitable for everyone
© C. Dumoulin

Détendez vous grâce à ce parcours bien être ! Tout au long de ce sentier, vous trouverez des panneaux pour vous aider à pratiquer l'auto massage et prendre soin de vous. De magnifiques points de vues complèteront ce moment qui promet d'être unique !

The “Le Chemin du bien-être”, or “Well-being Path”, is a walking circuit around the commune of Aubure. It is punctuated by 14 terminals that invite you to add to your sense of well-being. At each terminal you’ll find a shiatsu point: shiatsu is a Japanese self-massage technique that involves applying pressure with the fingers (from “shi” = finger and “atsu” = pressure). This gentle pressure helps to loosen tension in the body and reactivate energy circulation. Each terminal also uses a flash code to offer a sound and video portrait of an inhabitant of Aubure.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : dirt path, path

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