1909: Alsace in Nancy

" In 1909, the idea was born to present a reconstructed Alsatian village in Nancy, giving an ideal and nostalgic image of the lost province. "1909. L'Alsace à Nancy" looks back at this event in the context of the hardening of relations between France and Germany. "

In 1909, Nancy hosted a major event: the International Exhibition of the East of France. The goal was to demonstrate the economic and cultural vibrancy of these areas at the gateway to the German Empire.The presence of several Alsatians on the organising committee resulted in a key role being granted to the territories annexed by Germany in 1871, first and foremost to Alsace. And this is how the idea came about to present in Nancy, as part of the exhibition, a reconstituted Alsatian village, showing an idealized, nostalgic image of the “Lost Province”.The exhibition “1909: Alsace in Nancy” looks back at this event, presenting the players and the cultural and political stakes, in the context of the hardening of the relationship between France and Germany, but also considering it from the point of view of the construction of regional identities. Indeed, although the Alsatian village of 1909 helped perpetuate the memory of the lost provinces in the French national conscience, it also contributed to building a satisfactory, albeit reductionist image of the region, many elements of which are still alive and well to this day.In partnership with the Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine - Lorraine Museum (Nancy)

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