Deschamps_Martha's vineyard, Musées de Strasbourg. Photo : Mathieu Bertola

La beauté du geste

The exhibition "La Beauté du geste" to be discovered at the Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg offers six spaces, each bearing the title of a literary work that sets the tone for the room.

The “La Beauté du geste” exhibition features six spaces, each bearing the name of a literary work that sets the tone for the room: La vie dans les plis (Life in the Folds) (Henri Michaux) opens the way with a presentation of works by Alechinsky, Hans Arp and César around the free notion of abstraction. La rage de l’expression (The rage of expression) (Francis Ponge) explores the intensity of the emotions through a selection of prints by Max Beckmann, Erich Heckel, Käthe Kollwitz, as well as paintings by Bernard Dufour. Striking photomontages by John Heartfield occupy a third room, entitled Fureur et mystère (Fury and Mystery) (René Char), with some thirty images that still convey their determined opposition to the Nazis’ atrocities without detracting from their artistic inventiveness. Les vases communicants (Communicating Vessels) (André Breton) illustrate the movement between the real, the imaginary and art through the works of Daniel Dezeuze and Annie Greiner. Among Les Ombres errantes (The Roving Shadows) (Pascal Quignard) of Max Klinger or alongside the angels of film director Wim Wenders, the fifth space illuminates the works with an evanescent presence. To finish, the vanities of Markus Lüpertz make us hear Les voix du silence (The Voices of Silence) (André Malraux), the voice of perpetual repetition that only art can so melodiously sing.With this exhibition, the MAMCS offers its warmest thanks to the Amis du Musée (Friends of the Museum) whose unwavering commitment over the years has largely contributed to enriching its collections.

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'Rouget de Lisle chantant la Marseillaise pour la première fois', Isidore Pils, 1849 - Musée historique de Strasbourg - Photo Mathieu Bertola
Deschamps_Martha's vineyard, Musées de Strasbourg. Photo : Mathieu Bertola

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