The Orangerie Park

" The city's oldest park is a favourite spot for sweethearts and walkers. Children love its playgrounds, classic car circuit and petting zoo, not to mention the lake and the exhibitions at Pavillon Joséphine. "

THE FAVOURITE PARK OF STRASBOURG RESIDENTS Since the eighteenth century, the Orangerie Park has been a favourite place to stroll and relax for the people of Strasbourg. Recognised as a remarkable location in terms of its landscape art and history, it has been on France's Historical Monuments list since 1993. Its wide expanse of greenery delights the park's walkers in every season. It is also the perfect place for family outings. It is a must-see! A bucolic environment With its centuries-old trees and outstanding landscape features spread across no fewer than 26 hectares, the Orangerie Park is a stunningly beautiful piece of natural heritage. There you'll find a very diverse array of atmospheres and settings. Created in the eighteenth century, the French-style promenade has tree-lined, intersecting, geometrical paths that run through the park alongside wilder, English-style landscaping arrangements, created a century later, that have winding paths and artfully untamed plantings. Added to that is an artificial lake with a waterfall, created for the 1895 Industry and Crafts Exhibition. It is easy to see why the largest park in Strasbourg is so highly regarded by its citizens. Interspersed among the scenery, numerous works of art can be seen along the many paths, bringing a pleasant, cultural aspect to the park. Remarkable buildings The Joséphine Pavilion The park's main structure, the Joséphine Pavilion, is located further along the large path Le Nôtre. Based on the plans by the architect Valentin Boudhors, this elegant, classical-style building was built in 1807 to house a valuable collection of orange trees (from which the park takes its name). It was dedicated to the Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoléon Bonaparte, who regularly spent time in Strasbourg. The empress, who stayed at the Rohan Palace, loved walking the park's many paths. The central part of the building was a place for relaxing that included a salon, and the two wings on each side were used to house the orange trees. The pavilion was then connected to the city by a tree-lined lane, which is now Allée de la Robertsau. Today, the pavilion hosts exhibitions and temporary events. Le Burehiesel This Alsatian half-timbered farmhouse was built around 1660... in Molsheim! It was dismantled and relocated to the park for the 1895 Industry and Crafts Exhibition. The building, which is now the location of a gastronomic restaurant, is one of the last vestiges of this historic exhibition. A paradise for children and athletes With three playgrounds, large lawns for running and playing, and when the weather gets nice, boat rides on the small lake and laps around the retro car track, the Orangerie Park is not just an ideal place for aesthetes and nature lovers to stroll, it is also a wonderful realm for children! As for those who love sport, they will enjoy being able to exercise outdoors just a quick walk from the city centre. The 2.2 km loop that goes around the park is a must for local joggers! Feel free to complement your walk with a visit to the European district, located just a few steps away.

  • Pets allowed : yes
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  • Altitude : 138m
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