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Sainte-Odile Chapel

" Découvrez l'histoire cultuelle de ce village de la route des vins... "

The Chapel of St. Odilia was rebuilt when the Chapter of Strasbourg Cathedral was the master of Scherwiller. It was located on the site of an old chapel whose origin dates back to 1118 and was dedicated to the patron saint of Alsace. In 1298 this chapel was used as a parish and was served by a vicar. According to legend, Saint Odile stayed in Scherwiller, where her nurse came from. It was a very important place of pilgrimage and still is in the 18th century. It preserves a relic of the saint offered on May 4, 1836, coming from her tomb and transported in procession from Mount Sainte-Odile on December 13, 1836.

A painting on canvas depicting the infant Jesus cuddled up to his mother can be seen in the chapel behind the gate to the left of the entrance. In front of the gate on the right is a painting by Carola Sorg, which tells the story of St. Odilia.
In the choir, the primitive Vosges sandstone altar, covered with a baroque wooden structure, contains a reliquary of St. Odilia. In the centre, the patron saint of Alsace holds the abbess' crook and the book of eyes. At the top of the altar is the Holy Family.

On 20 May 1525, during the battle of the Rustauds, the soldiers of Duke Antoine de Lorraine set fire to the town of Scherwiller. The two sanctuaries fell prey to the flames, as did the other buildings. After these tragic events, the parish church was rebuilt in 1528, and according to Philippe André Grandidier, St. Odilia's chapel was still a popular place of pilgrimage in the 18th century.

The heirs, the Viscount and Baron of Beaufranchet, donated the chapel to the commune of Scherwiller on 16 February 1853, with the proviso that a mass would be celebrated annually on 3 February for the repose of the souls of the donors. In the records of the municipal council of 22 August 1853, chaired by François Xavier Guntz, it is stated that he accepted the donation.

Since 2015, a major restoration has been undertaken by the Scherwiller church council: interior renovation (altar and furniture) and reconstruction (in 2017) of a new bell tower on the nave, identical to the original one which had been demolished.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 187m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 0,5km

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