Sainte-Odile Chapel


Découvrez l'histoire cultuelle de ce village de la route des vins...

According to the historian Alfred Pfleger, the Sainte-Odile chapel, mentioned since 1118, is undoubtedly the oldest sanctuary in Alsace dedicated to the saint. It is part of the tithe court of the Grand Chapitre de Strasbourg and serves one of the two parishes of Scherwiller from 1208 until about 1528. The chapel was refurbished and restored, particularly during the 18th century (around 1726). Photographs from the early 20th century show the chapel topped by a wooden bell tower, with the former carriage gate of the "Freihof" leaning against it. From 2015, an important restoration is undertaken by the Scherwiller factory council: interior renovation (altar and furniture) and reconstruction (in 2017) of a new bell tower on the nave, identical to the original one that had been demolished.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 187m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 0,5
  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit, Guided tour for groups with reservation

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