Hiking "A sacred place: Mont Sainte-Odile"

  • Half-day
  • 12,5km
  • 600m
  • Intermediate

Mont Sainte-Odile is a rocky outcrop on the Plain of Alsace. It occupies a remarkably strategic position. Inhabited very early on, the mountain undoubtedly featured an important sanctuary. We do not know how or why people built the huge enclosure that completely surrounds the site. To understand Mont Sainte-Odile, we must turn to history and legend. The daughter of the Duke of the Franks, Eticho or Adalrich, and his wife Berswinda, Odile was born around 660. In about 680, the Duke gave his daughter his Hohenburg residence, on the summit of the mountain. She founded the first convent for women and became its first Abbess. Belonging to the Bishopric of Strasbourg, Mont Sainte-Odile is now the most important spiritual destination in Alsace. Self-guided tour. Hiking tour taken from the “Topo-Guide Randonée” guidebook (10 tours) for sale at the Obernai Tourist Office. Only in french.

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