Stroll and wine tasting through the vineyards of Bernardswiller

" Meet our passionate winegrowers for a convivial evening, and discover a little of their trade during a stroll through the vineyards and a delicious local meal! "

A gourmet stroll at the foot of Mont-Sainte-Odile with an independent winegrower, where you'll enjoy the winegrowing landscapes that change with the seasons. You'll learn about the history of the vine, Alsace appellations, the work of winegrower Jean-Pierre Bilger and eco-environmental progress, while enjoying some food and wine pairings along the way. In the vineyards, you'll be able to taste local products: for the aperitif, a sylvaner with a pretzel - then a klevner auxerrois with a tartine of fromage blanc with bacon - followed by a riesling and a tartine of salmon rillettes - then a pinot gris with a mini-pâté en croûte - to finish with a pinot gris 'Réserve' with a tartine of liver delicacies, before returning to the estate to continue the tasting. Back at the winery, the evening continues with tartes flambées accompanied by pinot noir - gewurztraminer and munster tartine - and the sweet note, a crémant with a 3-mousse chocolate cake! On registration ONLINE HERE

Additional information
  • Prices : 18€/Adult - 9€/5 to 16 years, with online registration
  • Lieu/Départ de la manifestation : Allée de la chapelle, under the chestnut trees in the village cemetery (towards Saint-Nabor).

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