Vineyard walkingpath across french-german border

  • 2h
  • 8km
  • 173m
  • Intermediate

" Explore the vineyards from Wissembourg all the way to the border, offering a breathtaking view of the Alsace plain and the Black Forest! "

This tour allows you to discover the vineyards, which extend to the border and beyond, just behind the picturesque districts of the town of Wissembourg. A magnificent view of the Alsace plain and the Black Forest enhances this route. The German wine-growing village of Schweigen-Rechtenbach can also be seen.

From the car park, place de la foire, take the rue de la poudrière to the north which leads to the eponymous tower and follow the red ring markers throughout this circuit.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : paved road, dirt path
  • IGN Map : 3814 ET, A5
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