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Exposition Faune3

" Discover Lalique's new exhibition, which aims to put into perspective the works conserved by the three star museums (Lalique, Saint-Louis and Meisenthal) on the theme of Wildlife. Not to be missed from June 28 to November 5, 2023! "

Five centuries ago, a few nomadic glassmakers built itinerant glass factories in a wild valley of the Northern Vosges. These pioneers were to write the first pages of an extraordinary industrial and artistic adventure, whose unique know-how still endures today... Gatherers, blowers, cutters... these master glassmakers sculpt light according to unchanging techniques and gestures.
All located within a radius of ten kilometers, the Lalique Museum, the Meisenthal Glass Site and the Saint-Louis Crystal Museum highlight the local glassmaking tradition and contemporary creation. They form the constellation of the Etoiles Terrestres.
As an attentive observer of beings and things, René Lalique found nature a fertile source of inspiration. He dissected and examined it, spying on its lines, forms and peculiar structures, seeking and finding the spark of inspiring life. He questioned aquatic life, observed reptiles and birds and was fascinated by insects. His genius comes from his ability to adapt and compose. He does not copy nature, he does not stylize the different elements, he creates by transforming. Creations that bring to life the magic of the material. His successors, also seduced, continued to enrich the bestiary.
In Meisenthal and Saint-Louis, fauna has also been an important source of inspiration throughout the history of the houses and sites. This exhibition aims to put the works kept by the three museums on this theme in perspective and in parallel.
Admission to the exhibition is included in the price of the museum.

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