Work of art: Le champ du Feu by Daniel Pontoreau

Public commission through the CEAAC (European Centre for Modern Art Action). Composed of three primitive cast iron forms, placed at the angles of an imagined triangle, five hundred marble chips from Rajasthan placed in the grass. It's difficult to immediately get a clear picture of the entire work “Le Champ du Feu”. Rather it unfolds to the eyes of the observer at the end of a hike through the Vosges forest. Daniel Pontoreau was drawn by the bareness of this site and by its evocative name, a name he gave to his work of art as well. The piece appears to have always been there, right in this spot which brought it to life and with which it coexists. Or at least it seems to have been put there at some undefined past period of creation. Located on the stubble field in the vicinity of the Champ du Feu.
Copyrights: CEAAC

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