Etang du Breux. Source : AAPPMA de la haute vallée de la Bruche

Pêche en étang

"Where? The Breux lakes are located on the way out of Saint-Blaise-la-Roche. New: Disabled-friendly jetty. When? Still fishing: 4th Saturday in March to 1st Sunday in October. Fly fishing: winter season from the first Saturday of October half-term to the first Sunday in March. Still fishing is still possible in the small lake during this period. How? It's worth getting a day or annual ""lake"" pass. The ""river"" fishing permit does not apply to fishing in these lakes. Rules are displayed at the lake and must be read before you can start fishing. Authorised fishing method Number of rods: 2 rods. Barbless or crushed barb hooks. No bait or artificial bait allowed (excluding flies during the winter fly fishing season). What fish can you catch? Carp, tench, trout and white fish. Carp fishing is on a NO KILL basis Authorised daily catches 3 tench and 3 salmonids (except for fly fishing which is on a NO KILL basis) Where can you get fishing permits? Proxi, 29 rue Principale in Saint Blaise la Roche Bruche Nature, 13 route de Strasbourg in Schirmeck Jean Schrenck (lake manager), information on +33 (0)6 07 79 33 83"

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