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The perception of materials does not stop at their designation or function! And if we evoked their poetry with all our senses, our memory and knowledge... Discover a joint exhibition of the Ateliers de la Seigneurie with the Folie Marco museum and the Barr library in co-production with the Frac!

Exhibition: Poetry of Materials

In partnership with the Media library and the Folie Marco Museum in Barr and the FRAC Alsace

For the first time, the Ateliers de la Seigneurie in Andlau, the Museum La Folie Marco and the media library in Barr, are offering a joint exhibition in co-production with the FRAC Alsace. At the same time, these three places will give you their interpretation of the theme "poetry of materials" in relation to their respective collections.

What we perceive of materials is not only the thing it designates or their function. As in poetry, a word, here the material as well as its implementation are perceived for their various qualities, sound materiality, rhythm, rules, images they evoke, syntax, etc.. There is then poetry when the banality of the material is transfigured and perception is changed. A perception that appeals to all our senses but also to our relationships, our memory and the experience we have with it.

Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie have chosen wood as the material of choice for the tour and invite you to a dialogue between five works by the FRAC Alsace and our perception of the material, its qualities and its heritage functions.

Horaires et dates d'ouvertures susceptibles d'être modifiés en fonction des circonstances. Prenez vos précautions.

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