From Obersteinbach to Oberbronn

  • 2h30 min
  • 23km
  • 604m
  • Intermediate

This forest crossing allows you to discover ancient castles and heritage evoking past eras.
From the parking, turn left towards the town hall to take the D3 towards Bitche.
Continue for 300 m to the junction of the D3 with the D53. Follow the D53 for about ten meters then turn left on the way up. At 100 m, at the next crossroads, take the path on the right and follow it for 2 km to the foot of the Wittschloessel ruins. Turn right on a 50 m descent path and turn left. Join the Wineckerthal pass, side 358. Downhill gently on the right bank of Soultzbach, on a stabilized path, this on 4 km.
At the junction turn right on the GR®531 to Jaegerthal; path in false flat amount for 1 km until blockhouse then technical and fast descent. At the farm Welschhof, small passage on the meadow. In the village, take the D53 on the right for 300 m.
Take a left and cross the dike then right along the pond. After 250 m, turn left on the path uphill. Just before reaching the D53, head to the right and take the GR®531 to hill 301. Continue straight and after 300 m turn left towards the Riesack.
Continue to the forest house Heidenkopf, beautiful view of Niederbronn-les-Bains.Take the paved road to the Celtic spring of Niederbronn-les-Bains. Take the direction of the train station. Leave this one, then turn right and go under the railway bridge then head right.
Along the railway, go under the bridge of the N62 and continue straight for 50 m. Turn left onto the uphill path. After 30 m a pin on the right then after 60 m a pin on the left. After 350 m, turn left to join the forest house of Reisberg. After 400 m of paved road, we arrive at a picnic area. Continue straight until the next area, cross and descend on Oberbronn. Arriving on the D28, head right on the convent of Oberbronn.

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